Nick begins with a visit to the client's home, where he can evaluate the site, take notes and photographs and inquire about the client's needs, desires and budget. Back at his studio, he begins with a concept drawing that loosely describes the architecture and flow of the garden in broad strokes. A series of design meetings follow with Nick presenting more detailed versions of the design, guided by the client's feedback as well as Nick's evolving ideas. Finally the master design is presented, including a detailed budget based on estimates from professional contractors.



We offer a full Project Management service, where Nick is personally on site for the duration of the installation, working with the contractors, handling logistics, hand picking materials and ensuring that the project is built to his design specifications. We maintain a spreadsheet for progress and budget and Nick communicates daily with the client, answering questions and outlining where we are and what to expect next. Often, Nick will innovate as the project takes shape, taking advantage of opportunities to improve the final product as they present themselves. 



Rather than being constrained by a traditional planting plan, Nick prefers to develop a feeling and theme for each area – perhaps desert, tropical, woodland or Mediterranean – then frees himself to explore the botanical possibilities. Only after he hand picks the trees, shrubs and ground covers, and everything is delivered to the site, does he “paint” with the plants, moving and rearranging them as his instincts guide him until his vision is realized. This organic and free-thinking approach is reflected in the natural-looking landscapes that result. 



We take great pride in every garden we design and construct and are as keen to see the landscape thrive as the client. Beyond regular, skilled maintenance, there is no substitute for having the original designer revisit the landscape as it grows and matures, and as the client's needs evolve. Nick is available to do this on a quarterly basis, evaluating all aspects of the landscape before returning with a crew to tackle any issues or upgrades that may be required, ensuring that your new garden continues to give you pleasure for many years to come.